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Weathermodels.com is a professional forecasting web application service for weather enthusiasts, professional forecasters, and industries that rely on superior weather forecasting tools. It is the home of Dr. Ryan Maue’s (COO with weather.us) model maps, and will host new inventions that push the boundaries of modern weather forecasting.

Current subscribers have access to a variety of models such as the ECMWF, GFS, UKMET, HRRR, and NAM, as well as several others. You can check out the included model maps of each plan in our open model viewer for free without sign up.

Weathermodels.com offer three account types, that each come with different licensing options and different tool sets: Personal Forecaster, Commercial Forecaster, and Industry Energy USA.

The Industry Energy USA includes all maps that we offer, plus additional Energy tools like weighted degree days for the USA. The Personal and Commercial Forecaster come in either the North American or International plan: The Forecaster North America features maps of the North American realm and offers only some international maps, so it is best suited for people interested in weather that mainly takes place in the US, Canada and Mexico.

The Forecaster International includes all maps of the Forecaster North America and offers additional international model maps and city charts.

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