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Weathermodels.com is a new professional forecasting service for weather enthusiasts and companies that rely on superior weather forecasting tools. It is the home of Dr. Ryan Maue’s (COO with weather.us) model maps, and will host new inventions that push the boundaries of modern weather forecasting.

Subscribers have access to a variety of models such as the ECMWF, GFS, UKMET, HRRR, and NAM, as well as several others. Additionally, we have our own in-house .8 x .8 mile resolution “SWISS SuperHD” model available for several parts of the US. Check it out!

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Developing Storm To Bring Flash Flooding, Severe Storms, And Heavy Snow To Parts Of The Mississippi Valley Tomorrow

Hello everyone! Today brought a wide assortment of active weather to various parts of the US, all of which I discussed in this morning’s update. Tomorrow will be even more active, with a high-end flash flood threat leading headlines along with widespread severe weather and heavy snow. This all is being fueled by a storm set to form tonight in the Southern Plains before tracking NE towards the Great Lakes. I’ll dig into each of these threats and explain not just what to expect from them, but why the forecast is what it is. GOES-East WV satellite imagery (what’s that?) shows


Heavy Rains Continue To Cause Flooding Issues In Arkansas As Snow Falls In The Lowlands Of The Pacific Northwest

Hello everyone! We have another day of fairly active weather on tap as our high amplitude pattern continues. On the warm side of the US, heavy rain is continuing to fall across parts of Arkansas where flooding will remain a concern today. On the cool side of the US, snow will fall all the way to sea level in the Seattle area as Pacific moisture runs into a very deep cold airmass in place under a large upper level trough. In between the warm and the cold will be our third area of active weather to watch which will bring